Programming Packages

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Retail Hardware Offers July 2020

Below are the criteria for the Retail Hardware offer.

• Maximum Hardware credit is $500.00.
• Maximum of three (3) free installs can be offered.
• Additional installs, $49 for basic receivers, $99 for PVRs

Dealers can mix and match refurbished units and new units.

Dealer may offer maximum 2 x refurbished PVRs and maximum 3 x refurbished DSRs

HDDSR 800 (New) $149.99
HDPVR 830 (New) $299.99
HDPVR 830 (Refurbished) $99.99

• All new customers will receive two (2) PPV/ VOD coupons upon activation.
• The PPV/VOD coupons expire after 90 days

Installation fee for additional receivers and Multiswitch $49.99 for HD / $99.99 for PVR.

Multi-Switch: If required, the installation fee will be $49.99 which includes the cost of the hardware; $89.99 if shipped directly to the customer outside of a professional installation.

Limited TV

A plan focused on the basics, providing access to limited programming options including local and regional Canadian networks, provincial and educational broadcasters and mandatory channels. Up to 56 base channels $25.00 per month

And now…
Add Theme Packs from $7 / month extra